Shop. Share. Save animals. Ark Antiques is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-supported organization dedicated to the benefit of animal welfare charities and raising awareness for humane causes. The Ark’s mission is to support these goals by selling quality donated and consigned merchandise which enables us to award grants to animal charities.

San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society logo


Break out of your shell! The San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society is coming to The Ark.

Join us Saturday, May 23 from 11:00AM to 2:00PM when we host an adoption event for San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society! Learn about the proper care of turtles and tortoises from one of the largest rescue societies of its kind in the US.  Read More


Helping those who need our help to carry on.

The Ark has awarded over $1.7 million to deserving animal welfare charities. From lions, tigers and bears to turtles and tortoises, pit bulls, ponies and parrots, we care about the animals that make our lives brighter as well as those who make a better life for animals.
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Buy this oil painting by renown California plein air artist Maurice Braun only at Ark Antiques in La Jolla.


California plein air oil painting by Maurice Braun highlights this month’s favorites.

This has become our favorite game to play! It begins with, “If money were no object and you had the right spot for it, what would you pick?” Get to know us…
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Visit the Gallery to see our stunning collection of Lalaounis pieces—Greek handmade jewelry in unique gold designs inspired by civilizations past and present.